History of CIL-Kathmandu

A man in a wheelchair infront of traditional newari building.

Center for Independent Living of Persons with Disabilities, Kathmandu (CIL- Kathmandu) was established in Nepal following the people’s movement in 2006 by a group of leaders within the disability movement.

In 2005 the political landscape in Nepal did not support a rights based model for persons with disabilities. The nation was suffering from armed conflict and people were preparing for the peoples’ movement to liberate the country from the strong hold of autocracy. During this period, CIL-Kathmandu took action by displaying solidarity through the involvement of people with disabilities in the movement.

In August 2006, after the success of the peoples’ movement and in the wake of a changing political scene, CIL-Kathmandu was legally registered in the district administration office.

CIL- Kathmandu is now one of the leading organizations in Nepal in supporting people with disabilities in their efforts to live in a barrier free environment. As an organization founded and operated by persons with disabilities, CIL-Kathmandu understands the challenges in Nepal and is motivated to bring about major change.