Photo of a wheelchair user

Advocacy is a critical tool in making a change, and it is something you can do too!

There are many ways that you can advocate for your own rights as a person with a disability, or for the rights of a friend, family member or member of your community.

Here are some ways that you, your family and friends can advocate for people with disabilities-

  • Think about your concerns, or listen to those of people with disabilities in your community.
  • Start talking about issues faced by people with disabilities and possible solutions. Raise questions and spark conversation with friends, family, and people within the community.
  • Target political systems and propose policy solutions- your voice can be heard! This could be via demonstrations, letters, events or social media. There are many platforms you can use to have your say and be heard by the decision makers in Nepal.
  • Be inclusive of people with disabilities in your home, workplace, institution or business.
  • Engage with people with disabilities- even if you are a person with a disability yourself thin about people with disabilities different from your own. Disability is an incredibly broad term, and raising awareness in the community for the differences between disabilities is critical to increasing community awareness.