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Bhumi thapa and her attendant infront of a beautiful lake.

Bhumi’s Journey: Overcoming Muscular Dystrophy with Determination and Support

Bhumi Thapa is a bright and bubbly teenager living with Muscular Dystrophy. As a young child, she left her village and her family to find better services in Kathmandu.

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Photo of Bishnu and Fatta

Rebuilding Independence: Bishnu and Fattha’s Resilience After Earthquake and Disability Stigma

Bishnu and Fattha are sisters, both contracted polio as children. There are 10 years between them in age, and while they both suffer from the same disability, Bishnu’s disability is significantly more severe than Fattha’s.

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Sudip Simkhada sitting on a wheelchair

Sudip’s Struggle for Independence: Navigating Disability and Dreams in Nepal

Sudip is a bright, friendly 22 year-old man. He is sharply intelligent, and thrives off human interaction. Sudip lives with his mother, brother and sister in the Kathmandu Valley and has just completed the first year of a 4-year Bachelor of Information Management.

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