Assistive Services, Devices and Technology

3 peresons in wheelchair infront of a temple

As leaders in the disability sector, CIL-Kathmandu is involved in training, research, innovation, and production of assistive devices and services that can help make the lives of persons with disabilities easier.

In Nepal, persons with disabilities often obtain assistive devices as donations from local and international non-government organisations. Whilst this generosity does not go unappreciated, CIL-Kathmandu believes that assistive devices should be provided on a needs basis, through a rights-based approach, not charity-based.

Innovation and technological advancement are strongly valued at CIL-Kathmandu, leading to the organization’s investment in study and research in the field of assistive devices to discover new approaches to ensure the best possible support available for persons with disabilities.

CIL-Kathmandu also engages in the manufacturing of wheelchairs and other assistive devices with a particular focus on producing more functional, effective and user-friendly methods of assisting people with disabilities.

In Nepal, there are very few organizations providing wheelchairs and assistive devices with detailed assessment and measurement of the users as it requires importing the costly, tailored, measured devices from abroad. CIL-Kathmandu advocates for domestic production and personalised tailoring of assistive devices. CIL-Kathmandu requests the government takes responsibility for this important initiative.