Advocacy meeting with CPN (Maoist Center) party to promote the inclusive electoral candidacy of PWDs

Published on: September 20, 2022

Along with the delegates (3 people) president of the CIL-Kathmandu handing over the position paper

Under the project “Ensuring Disability Inclusive Electoral Candidacy of Women/girls, LGBTQI, Dalit and Ethnic Minors with Disabilities through Capacity Building and Advocacy”, Supported by the Canadian fund for Local Initiatives-CFLI, A team of delegates under the coordination of CIL Kathmandu visited the central office of CPN Maoist Center and held an advocacy meeting with the treasurer regarding the favor for inclusion of persons with disabilities in electoral candidacy on September 13.  Mr. Tek Bahadur Gurung, The President of CIL-Kathmandu, also handed a position paper developed to draw attention and pressure on the access and representation of persons with disabilities at the legislative level.

Regarding the memorandum and the issues raised, the treasurer showed his empathy and willingness to equally prioritize and integrate the persons with disabilities along with other marginalized sections. Reminding the development of proportionate representation after the change in the political landscape, he also repeated the intention of the campaign and force which the Maoist center is emphasizing. In addition, the delegates also requested the party to equally focus on the further marginalized sectors within the disability including the women, indigenous, madhesis, and gender minors with disabilities since their access is yet under priority. Also, the political party was cautioned to properly review the chances of misrepresentations that may occur in the name of disability or other minority sectors.