Advocacy meeting with CPN-UML party for Disability Inclusive Electoral Candidacy

Published on: September 14, 2022

President of CIL-Kathmandu along with other 6 disability activists handing over positon paper to office secretary of CPN-UML party

On September 8, 2022, an advocacy meeting was held at the party office of CPN UML to promote the electoral access and candidacy of persons with disabilities and the marginalized sectors within. Under the coordination of CIL-Kathmandu supported by the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives-CFLI, the delegates with disabilities from different organizations of people with disabilities and political parties joined the discussion held with the office secretary Mr. Bhisma Adhikari. 

The president of the organization also presented a position paper outlining the demands and issues of persons with disabilities with regard to their candidacy promotion and inclusive access in relation to the upcoming provincial and federal election scheduled for 20th November. The submitted memorandum clearly stated the position of people with disabilities to lobby for creating a favorable environment within the political parties to ensure the inclusion and representation of persons with disabilities so that they can have access to the decision/policy making. In addition, the letter also cautioned the leadership to evaluate the risk of underrepresentation and misrepresentation.

The secretary Mr. Adhikari – gracefully accepted the issues raised, and promised to present the paper even with the party heads. Furthermore, he added that efforts have been made to date, and it will continue to grow and become more inclusive to incorporate all the backward communities along with the people living with disabilities.