Disability Orientation Program for College Students

Published on: June 30, 2022

Around 30 people are being seated in three row setup in a podium

A short interaction on basic concepts and issues of disabilities was conducted by CIL Kathmandu for the students of K&K college, New Baneshwar on 21st June 2022. The presentation, attended by around 45 participants, was facilitated by Krishna Dahal and Yabesh Adhikari.

The session comprised a concise presentation on key ideas and basic notions of disability, its historical advancements to the point of inclusive, right-based and empowering developments. Similarly, the nationally and internationally valid definitions, categorizations as well as the the role and impact of the difference was also carefully analyzed during the discussion.

The presentation then focused on the challenges and restrictions due to exclusive, discriminatory and non-accepting structure and attitude of the remaining world denouncing the integration of persons with disabilities in an equal frame. The participants discovered the underlying reasons and realized their consequences on both the person with disability and the society as a whole. Finally, the attendees made a declaring promise to contribute for an inclusive and accessible society and approaches to their possible extents.

The activities As the part of issue sensitization and acknowledgement of inclusion and its inevitability, were also conducted during the session. The white cane holding activities with closed eyes to explore the scenario created a deeper impact upon the concepts and understanding of the attendees. Finally, with the encouraging remarks from the institution and its members, the interaction was concluded with the group photographs and informal interactions.