Orientation to develop knowledge on the electoral candidacy of PWDs

Published on: October 16, 2022

around 25 People are being seated in the round table setup and facilitator is presenting in the front

On the 24th of September, CIL-Kathmandu organized two of the remaining meetings of the orientation program among the three. The event was organized simultaneously for 50 participants at Hardik Hotel in two different halls.

As of the event of 6th of September-22, the orientation comprised three sittings where the participants got to learn and get motivated on the importance and role of electoral access and candidacy, as well as political representation in promoting inclusive and accessible developmental process.

The three facilitators Manish Prasai; the disability expert, Shudarson Subedi; the disability rights activist and Kamal Bhattarai; the chief of the gender and inclusion department of Election Commission Nepal, imparted knowledge on existing social and legal provisions, practices and approaches as well as other relevant areas to boost their confidence and motivation to stand as the candidates in both proportionate and directly electing electoral processes.

The interactive sessions were meaningful enough to develop the motivation for the politically interested individuals” as said by  Sunita Thapa, the recommended person for candidacy for the province-level election. Moreover, the participants were also glad regarding the relevance of the activities, since the election is approaching sooner.

The sessions were alternated and conducted for  25 participants each. The beneficiaries, who were the potential candidates, or the politically passionate individuals commented that the issues raised would be useful for their future endeavors to raise their views and voices, once they get uplifted politically.