Peer Counseling Session for Persons with Disabilities

Published on: March 30, 2022

after a session, participants and facilitators(10 People) are lying in two row for the photo session
An interactive session of peer counseling was held at CIL Kathmandu’s office on 27th March under the facilitation of Sonika Dhakal; board committee member of CIL and peer counseling expert and Mr Tek Bahadur Gurung; chairperson. An interaction on experiences after disabilities, concept and practical areas of independent living for the persons with disabilities as well as sharing of relatable ups and downs from both the counseling provider and the participants were the major activities of the sitting.Two of the participants who recently developed disability due to injury in their spines and one participant with cerebral palsy were pleased to be the part of the peer counseling program and getting connected to the organization having long history in working for rights and empowerments of persons with disabilities.The interconnectable experience sharing was effective for mutual motivation and confidence boosting. Meanwhile, assurance for the possible supports and cooperation from the organization made the clients more determined and motivated for their independent and dignified life ahead.