ICT Training

Published on: July 30, 2018

For two weeks in July, CIL-Kathmandu was thrilled to receive training from Emilie Vaslinn, an ICT consultant from France. Emilie’s training was offered to staff and general members of CIL-Kathmandu and focussed on developing skills in Google drive, calendar and docs as well as familiarisation of Microsoft Powerpoint.

Scroll down to read some feedback from the class participants and see some images from Emilie’s training.

“It’s really interesting to learn about the different Google Apps because it’s a new experience. They are helpful for me because now if I have to make a presentation I don’t have to go to a friend and ask for help. I can do it by myself now.”

– Nirmala Bhandari

It is very interesting and very important classes. Every day I learn different things so I keep coming back. Every new session we learn new things and these things are very useful for my personal life and my working job.”

-Keshav Thapa