Peer counseling session

Published on: March 22, 2022

10 people seated around a table in a hall, discussing with each other

On the 19th of March, the first phase of the Peer Counseling Program was conducted at the CIL Kathmandu office. Three attendees shared their ups and downs after developing a disability in their life with a counseling facilitator. The motivating and enduring stories of these persons with disabilities were interconnectable and relatable with that experienced by the counseling facilitator, who is also a person with disabilities.

The Peer Counseling Program is one of the routinely conducted effective programs of CIL-Kathmandu that is funded with the support of the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens. In this program, an interactive dialog is held between the person with a disability [who has less knowledge, information and skills regarding handling the issues faced due to disability, including psychosocial concerns, issues of accessibilities, empowerment and independent living as well as participation in the community, and the national/international provisions/policies influencing the progression of persons with disabilities] with those individuals with a disability and relatable past experiences, who now have advanced their living, career and social relationships. The conversation is conducted with empathy and includes adequate information giving, self-disclosure and experience-sharing, and is conducted with the full informed consent of the clients.

Attendees encouraged CIL-Kathmandu  to continue such sessions and extend them in the days to come. Finally, with the cheerful exchange of good wishes and motivation for independence, the session was concluded with a high-tea celebration and group photographs with the facilitators. For the comfort of the attendees, the CIL-Kathmandu also bore the travelling expenses of the clients.

These sessions will continue in the coming weeks on Fridays and some sessions through home visitations if required.