Training on Financial Literacy as well as Fundamental and Technical Aspects of Stock Market

Published on: March 27, 2022

In the formal program, around 30 participants are seated on floor and guest on the dais.

A training on financial literacy and fundamental areas as well as technical analysis, was organized by the center for Independent living of persons with disabilities, (CIL Kathmandu) The program was held at the Union House Anamnagar where 23 participants with disabilities participated. The participants were provided theoretical framework and practical guidance regarding different financial issues like, self-employment, business, investment. Moreover, the attendees were also trained on the mandatory contents of stock market which now has been the great source of financial growth and important basis of personal as well as national economic gain. The experienced and skillful trainers facilitated the program in a simplistic manner to be understood by everyone that too with consideration of accessibility as well as disability-friendly issues.

The participants expressed their appeasement and full expectation of the effectiveness of the knowledge learned in their future endeavors. The program was successfully completed in coordination with Samriddha Nepal Investment Group and with the technical support of Sani Securities Pvt. Ltd. (stock broker 42).

At the first of day of this three-day program, emphasis was given to enhance the knowledge and aptitude on areas of financial literacy such as, knowledge of business and entrepreneurship, science of money/wealth as well as psychology of affluence. On the next day, right information’s were provided on the fundamental aspects of stock market. Recognizing investing as the finest means of economic advancement, the training on one of the best medium of investing; share market, was offered to the attendees. On the 3rd day of the program, the trainees were guided on the technical knowledge and skill building essential for investing into the share market in a practical approach.

After the success of the training program, a closing ceremony was conducted under the presidency of the chairperson of CIL Kathmandu; Mr. Tek Bahadur Gurung. The chief guest of the program, Radha appreciation believing that such programs would enable the equal and dignified access and involvement of every layers and sections of the society. She also claimed that these will ultimately help to the contribution of financial sector of the country regardless of any background or condition. Furthermore, Mrs. Pokharel also expressed her commitment to jointly work to combat the challenges of persons with disability in investing assuring the support from her individual and organizational part. Chief of Sani Securities, the technical assistance provider; Mr. Santosh Poudel, also expressed his pleasure for the opportunity of cooperation’s in the important activities like this. Other guests as well as the trainers also shared their happiness of being a part of the program and ascertained that they will be gratefully supportive in the upcoming collaborations wherever needed.

Meanwhile, the trainees also praised the contents, delivery and the overall organization of the program and shared their beliefs of the fruitfulness of the topics learnt in their future financial progresses. Expressing his thankfulness towards the organizers, Chiran Kunwar, a participant who came from Pokhara just for the training, said that his journey to Kathmandu proved to be meaningful. Similarly, another attendee Ms. Sujata Limbu reported that the training was not limited to mere gathering of informations or theoretical knowledge, but was with rather a practical approach that will be influential in the days-to-come for her skills improvement while investing.

The formal session was concluded after the vote of thanks from the president. As previous days, with the hi-tea celebration and personal interactions, the whole program came to an end. For the record purpose, the events of the program were photographed. The provision of travelling expenses for the comfort of trainees was also included in the training.