Dissemination/ Sharing Meeting on Project Outcome and Learning_CFLI

Published on: March 2, 2023

4 image are collaged where the around 30 participants are being seated in the program

On 31st of January 2023 CIL Kathmandu, under the support of CFLI organized Dissemination/ Sharing Meeting on Project Outcome and Learning to disseminate the outcomes achieved and learnings acquired through the 7-month-long project. The disability rights activists and Organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs) representatives, university students, Civil Society Organizations along with journalists and representatives from different sister wings of political parties/campaigns participated in the meeting.

The general secretary of CIL-Kathmandu shared the learning and outcomes of the project and invited the attendees to share their views, comments, and experiences regarding the project. There were 36 total participants in the program, and they expressed their words of congratulations on the achievements presented and also shared their worries on the prevalent challenges to mainstream persons with disabilities in the political arena, and further gaps to integrate the doubly marginalized groups within the disability. Also, the participants advised the organizations to consider the learnings and correct/address the missing issues in future events. The discussion also acknowledged the necessity of political and civil rights-based programs to empower people with disabilities so that they can advocate and become active to engage in political involvement. Furthermore, they thanked CIL-Kathmandu and Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) for this new and fresh project in the political rights and inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in ensuring electoral Candidacy through capacity building and Advocacy.