Awareness Program on Disability

Published on: May 23, 2022

Around 20 people are seated in the classroom attending the presentation

On May 9, 2022, an orientation program on general concepts of disability, its approaches and perspectives and issues as well as rights of people having disabilities, was organized for the students of social work at Kadambari Memorial College. 20 participants joined the orientation conducted by CIL Kathmandu in collaboration with College.

The presentation lasted for around two hours, where the participants were introduced with the basic concepts concerning disability. From the proper definition of disability, the session incorporated the 10 different types of disabilities, four variances on the basis of severity, major challenges and issues of persons with disability and roles and responsibilities of every sections of the society for a disability friendly and disability inclusive society.

The interactive session was facilitated by Yabesh Adhikari and Krishna Dahal. The program not only covered the conceptual detailing of the theoretical aspects, but also included the actual demonstration of day-to-day challenges faced by the persons with disabilities through visual presentation. Similarly, for the issue sensitization, the practical activities and experiments were also conducted. For instance, one of the participants was asked to explore around handling the white cane with the eyes closed. The presentation also identified the abilities and the strengths of PWDs and reviewed the existing barriers creating the gap of the PWDs with the rest of the world, and discussed on creating accessible environment and accepting attitude for the empowerment and participation of the PWDs.

The participants expressed their gratitude to the organization and the presenters and gave their encouraging remarks to extend the disability literacy program in many groups and sections of the society. Their final comments suggested that the presentation was successful in persuading the issues and concerns of the PWDs and developing understanding on the difference of disability from inability.